Not JUST Tinted Mascara

This article just popped up on my Facebook feed from Birchbox, and while I really am a huge fan of colored mascara, you need to know that the purple shown on the model is not just the purple mascara.  For an effect like this you really need to know what you’re doing with colored liner.  


Make sure you purchase the most vibrant eyeliner you can find.  Less expensive brands such as Wet-n-Wild and NYC usually have costume makeup that works perfectly for this look! So as long as you’re at the drugstore already, try to find some of these products to really make the color stand out! Oh, and ps. Keep these liners as close to your lashline as humanly possible.  You don’t want to create the look of super bright eyeshadow, which is just gross. 

               image      image

         image                       image

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